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Gaoan giant tripod trucks co., LTD、As a local regular large taxpayer、To provide the good faith is supreme customer service、Professional sales truck、And prices are regular matching shape、Let cool, buy the rest assured、Cyclists have enough money to provide mortgage payments、Laid a good reputation in customers and peers,The truck has long enough and stable customer group,Many times was rated as consumers trust units,At the same time the company also provides the vehicle door、The affiliated business。The company is engaged in truck trading company、The company has its own parking lot、A car selling cars provide vehicles linked a dragon service。(The large and medium-sized shipping vehicles)。The company trading vehicle has the following kinds: Freight trains:All kinds of brand semi trailer、After the first four eight(There are free、The east wind、The man、Lapras、The dragon on the planet。Lapras brands。Cost burden9.8T、12T、25T) The first four after four(There are free、The east wind、The man、Jiang Huan、Valin, etc。Cost burden5T) After eight rounds(The east wind、Liberation、Shan steam calderon、The man、Hongyan jade lion brand, etc。Cost burden7T、12T、15T、17T) A bike(The east wind、Liberation、Lapras、Brands。Cost burden6T、7T、9.8T) Small liberation(Fees2T、4.5T、7T) Hongyan new sport,Hao yun,King kong,Hercules,Valin star kay horse、Calderon and various small and medium-sized freight vehicles(The bell、By leaps、Jianghuai、Lushan、Chang feng, etc、Fees1.5T-2TRange)Our purpose is:Good faith for this,The service is supreme!With sincere attitude,The pragmatic spirit to provide preferential price,Recommended for all our customers in China's car market。Satisfying the preferential prices and excellent service wholeheartedly service is the guarantee for the interests of the customer,Strives for the survival by the good faith and mutual benefit stability is our service tenet,Let your cigna customer demand satisfaction is our honor,No matter tomorrow we'll cherish the support and trust from the customers!Individual models information is sufficient,Single transaction。Warm prompt you for cool:Giant tripod company options available、Mostly the car running your company、Car condition is very good price is very low。If company car to car、Call ahead of time will help you to check the route、You can go to the station to meet you。Really cool, a family of services。.[More and more]

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  • Gaoan giant tripod trucks co., LTD
  • Contacts:WenJu tiger Chairman of the board of directors
  • A mobile phone:18770505303
  • Url:http://www.shentongboqian.com.cn
  • Address:Gaoan west parking stations in jiangxi province

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  • Draco eight cement tanker after four20.8Wan
  • The man in the first four after eight cement tank car15.6Wan
  • The man in the first four after eight cement tank car11Wan
  • Liberation and cement tank car23.6Wan
  • The dragon on the planet48The cement tank car13.6Wan
  • 45The dragon and cement tank car23.8Wan
  • 40Fang Delong semi cement tank car29.8Wan
  • 38The bully dragon and cement tanker21.8Wan
  • Denon four semi-closed after the first four cases9.8Wan
  • Two sets of jianghuai four after four8.6Meters high hurdle17.5Wan
  • After liberation top four four cases15.6Wan
  • Jianghuai four after four9.6Meters high hurdle13.8Wan
  • Jianghuai four after four7.8M cases12Wan
  • Jianghuai four after four7.8Meters high hurdle12Wan
  • The four dragon9.6Meters high hurdle19.2Wan
  • The four jianghuai9.6M cases19.2Wan
  • After the four lapras four four cases18.2Wan
  • Dongfeng days kam four after four8.6Meters high hurdle13.8Wan
  • The man in the first four after eight dump13.6Wan
  • After liberation in the first four eight8.2M a dump16.8Wan